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Over the years, thanks to the SÉO, I've benefitted from many resources, knowledge and training activities. My development officer has been extremely supportive, providing me with tools, business plan support, contacts and invaluable references.  I was also able to take part in several networking events. These enabled me to meet other women entrepreneurs and to get in touch with people from different cultural backgrounds to exchange ideas. This has contributed to the growth of my business.

Michelle Savoie

The 2nd edition of the Claude-Mayer Commemorative Golf Tournament was held on May 31, 2024. 

Tournoi de golf commémoratif Claude-Mayer

Join us at the first edition of the SÉO golf tournament on September 22 in Chelmsford, Ontario.  Don't miss this opportunity to network and have fun with players from various sectors in Ontario.

Are you involved in a community project?

The SÉO offers a variety of services and programs to help communities strengthen their economic base.

Looking for a job?

You have recently settled in Ontario and are now in the process of finding a job. We can help you out.

Looking for employees?

Do you have vacancies in your company or organization? The SÉO's employability advisors can help.

Hoping to launch your own business?

The SÉO staff can guide and support you in your quest for success

The first edition of the Forum des entrepreneurs will be held in Ottawa on Saturday, January 27, 2024.


The SÉO was founded over 20 years ago under the name RDÉE Ontario. Today, this organization is one of the key players in the economic development of Ontario's Francophone and bilingual ecosystem to which it contributes by promoting the emergence of new businesses and supporting the growth of existing businesses, by assisting Francophone and bilingual newcomers in their quest for quality jobs, by supporting employers in their recruitment efforts, and by contributing to the economic strengthening of communities through a series of initiatives and programs. The SÉO has approximately 40 employees throughout the province. The organization is part of RDÉE Canada, a national network.

The first edition of the Forum des entrepreneurs will be held in Ottawa on Saturday, January 27, 2024.

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