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Recruitment support for employers

Do you have positions to fill in your company or organization?  The employability experts at SÉO can help you with your human resources requireme.  

We offer a wide range of services and programs to support your recruitment efforts, help you plan your workforce needs, and more.  See the tabs below for more details.  You can also download our one-pager (in French only)

  • In this era of labor shortages, recruiting staff is not always easy. Fortunately, the SÉO can help.

    One of our mandates is to help Francophone and bilingual newcomers find employment in Ontario. We help them prepare, we support them in their search and, above all, we refer them to you, the employers. 

    Thanks to our networks and contacts, our team members can help you find the people you need.

  • We recognize that it can sometimes be difficult to forecast your workforce needs. Human resources planning is a delicate and sometimes difficult exercise, particularly in this era of labour shortages, a phenomenon that requires you to plan ahead, especially if you have to rely on immigration to attract talent.


    Thanks to its expertise, vast network of contacts and knowledge of available programs and resources, the SÉO employability team can help you prepare by accompanying you in your workforce planning.

  • To help you in your quest for quality Francophone or bilingual employees, we can post your job offers on our website.

  • One of SÉO's mandates is to offer training to its customers.  Each year, we offer more than a thousand workshops, webinars and other activities designed to help them perfect their knowledge and acquire background information.


    One of our training courses is aimed primarily at human resources professionals.  It includes a series of workshops designed to raise employers' awareness of hiring and retaining candidates from diverse backgrounds.  Topics covered include the integration of immigrants into their new work environment in Ontario, as well as cultural competency.

  • In addition to workshops and webinars, the SÉO employability team and the ProAction program offer employers the opportunity to organize virtual, face-to-face or hybrid networking sessions for job seekers. During these dedicated meetings, you are invited to present your organization, its products and services, and the jobs you offer.


     OC Transpo, Canada Post, Conseil des écoles publiques de l'est de l'Ontario, Fast Forward French, Desjardins, Groupe Médias TFO, Décathlon Canada, Deloitte, Hôpital Montfort, Conseil scolaire catholique Mon Avenir, Dymon Wine Cellar... these are just a few of the companies and organizations operating in Ontario that have had the opportunity to introduce themselves to newcomers seeking employment over the past year.


    These events are a great way for both parties to learn more about each other. And as an employer, it's an opportunity to present yourself, your products and services, your job opportunities and the skills you're looking for.

  • Every year, members of our employability team meet with employers across Ontario to introduce themselves, acquaint them with our services and explain what we can do as an organization to help them.


    Please invite us. We’ll gladly meet you wherever you may be in Ontario to introduce ourselves and explain all the benefits we offer. Occasionally, representatives from the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will accompany us to provide you with information about hiring foreign-trained candidates.

  • Like us, you probably use traditional means to advertise the jobs available in your organization. But promoting our job offers through the usual channels isn't always enough. At a time when we depend in part on economic immigration to fill the void left by, among other things, the retirement of baby boomers, we sometimes need to find other ways of publicizing the positions we're looking to fill. Fortunately, SÉO can help.


    Every year, the SÉO organizes or participates in various activities designed to bring job seekers and employers together. These include the RDÉE Canada network's Salon virtuel de l'emploi, the Salon virtuel du recrutement and the Foire de l'emploi francophone du Grand Sudbury.


    The SÉO also participates in a number of international events to meet potential candidates and present job offers from local employers. These events include Destination Canada, the Salon Afrique Canada Immigration et Investissement, and others.


    Keep an eye on this section for updates on the recruiting activities in which we participate, as well as registration links.

  • The ProAction program is available to Ontario employers who want to offer highly qualified individuals their first Canadian work experience in the areas of health and cybersecurity. It is also aimed at bilingual or French-speaking newcomers with a high level of skills in these fields.


    Is your company or organization based in Ontario? The members of SÉO's ProAction team can suggest candidates whose profiles match the positions you're looking to fill.


    As a participating employer, in addition to benefiting from the ongoing support of the SÉO, you will receive a wage subsidy for the recruitment of one of our candidates. You'll be asked to designate a mentor to work closely with your new recruit, a network that will greatly facilitate the integration of the new team member. The mentor's 16-week assignment is to pass on the knowledge required for the position and help the new recruit adapt to the work environment.

    The ProAction program was set up by SÉO, in collaboration with the Conseil de développement économique des municipalités bilingues du Manitoba (CDEM), the Société de développement économique de la Colombie-Britannique and RDÉE Canada. It is funded by Employment and Social Development Canada through the Foreign Credential Recognition Program.

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