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Leader of the economic and sustainable prosperity of Ontario's Francophone and bilingual communities.


SÉO propels Ontario's francophone and bilingual economic space to new heights by advancing leading-edge solutions in entrepreneurship, employer support, newcomer integration and community economic strengthening.


Inclusion: Respect and ensure the successful inclusion of culturally diverse talent in Ontario's civil society and Francophone community.


Collaboration: Take a federative and strategic approach in its alliances to position Ontario's Francophone and bilingual economic vitality at the local, regional, provincial, national and international levels.


Excellence: Make optimal use of the resources and means at our disposal to achieve the desired results.


Empathy: Understanding and perceiving customer needs, enabling us to be a permanent contributor of solutions and opportunities.


Transparency: Ensuring compliance with the highest standards of sound governance practices, demonstrating integrity and ethics to consolidate our credibility.

Who are we?

The SÉO was founded over 20 years ago under the name RDÉE Ontario. Today, this organization is one of the key players in the economic development of Ontario's Francophone and bilingual ecosystem to which it contributes by promoting the emergence of new businesses and supporting the growth of existing businesses, by assisting Francophone and bilingual newcomers in their quest for quality jobs, by supporting employers in their recruitment efforts, and by contributing to the economic strengthening of communities through a series of initiatives and programs. The SÉO has approximately 40 employees throughout the province. The organization is part of RDÉE Canada, a national network.

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