The Francophone Heritage, Culture and Tourism Corridor

The Société Économique de l’Ontario (SÉO) hosts the Francophone Heritage, Culture and Tourism Corridor, a website where you can discover a wide range of Canadian heritage, culture and tourism businesses that offer services in French.

For Francophone travellers and businesses in Canada

If you’re a Francophone planning a trip to Canada, this website will let you access a network of organizations that offer tourism services in French, so that you can plan your stay and discover everything that French-speaking Canada has to offer.

If you’re running a Francophone heritage, culture or tourism business in Canada, participating in the Corridor website lets you communicate a unified promotional message, develop strategic alliances and showcase your vitality as part of Canada’s tourism industry.

The SÉO helps businesses to build their potential, enhances tourism offerings throughout Canada and works to maximize the economic benefits of tourism in Francophone communities. 

The SÉO is proud to participate in the Francophone Heritage, Culture and Tourism Corridor, an initiative by our closest partner, RDÉE Canada, which shares our mission of promoting Francophone and bilingual economic development in Canada. 

Through its participation in the Corridor, the SÉO helps to break down barriers, as underscored by its international recognition by Destination Canada.


Ontario: a leader in tourism development

Ontario’s great wealth of heritage, culture and tourism resources made the SÉO a natural partner for RDÉE Canada’s Corridor project. They therefore chose us to develop interpretation activities on 19 subjects of interest related to Francophone heritage and to select over 40 experiences and services that meet the Corridor’s strict criteria.

The Corridor now offers visitors a choice of tourist itineraries that complement Ontario’s Champlain Tourism Route, many of them in areas adjacent to it.


Learn About the National Classification of Services in French™

The National Classification of Services in French™ was developed to inform visitors about the level of services available in French at Canadian tourism sites.

This classification comprises three levels of service:

Certification en français bleu
French services at any time
Classification des services en français
French services upon request
Classification des services en français
Promotional items and/or documentation available in French

To find out more about the certification process and about the conditions for obtaining the French-services label, contact SÉO’s Tourism Manager at or at 1-844-668-7333 Ext. 305.

To find out more about Francophone tourism in Ontario, visit