In order to strengthen competitiveness and consolidate Ontario’s Francophone and bilingual space, the SÉO is engaged in the green economy, and in 2016 teamed up with the Eco-West project to reduce greenhouse gases. That project is supported by RDÉE Canada, and aims to help rural communities commercialize clean technologies and implement sustainable infrastructure projects. That project also backs the efforts of the Ontario and federal governments to introduce stronger policies on environmental issues.
The SÉO is also recognized for its tourism expertise in Ontario, and wants to develop initiatives to promote sustainable tourism, namely by organizing the very first North-American edition of ECORISMO Canada in Ottawa, planned for 2018. That event will focus on sustainable tourism, and the adoption of sustainable production and consumption practices, thereby improving environmental and social performance as well as economic results.


In 2016, the ÉCO-OUEST project was introduced to reduce greenhouse gases. Supported by RDÉE Canada, the project aims to support rural communities and to commercialize clean technologies, as well as implement sustainable infrastructure projects. The project also supports Ontario and federal government efforts to develop stronger policies on environmental issues.

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La SÉO est financée par le gouvernement du Canada par le biais du Fonds d’habilitation pour les communautés minoritaires de langue officielle