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Services offered:

  • One-on-one meeting with our agent
  • Professional orientation based on competencies
  • Job search tips and action plan
  • Information about the labour market in Ontario
  • Help with preparing CVs and letters of introduction based on the Canadian model
  • Proposed workshops based on employability
  • Preparation for interviews
  • Access to job opportunities for a wide range of qualifications and sectors
  • Job offers
  • Job searches


Job development

In order to properly integrate, newcomers must know ahead of time what challenges they will face once they arrive. This will enable them to prepare to overcome those challenges and adapt much faster to Canadian society. Successful integration into Canadian society will depend on the newcomer’s ability to deal with the inevitable culture shock. The first three obstacles newcomers encounter when looking for work are the following:

  • Language barrier

In Toronto, the working language is English. Thus, even before they arrive here, it is best if newcomers have had a chance to get their English to a working level. Even for bilingual positions, employers expect candidates to be able to keep up a conversation in English, even if they have an accent.

The following sites can be useful:


  • Adapting the résumé or CV to Canadian standards

It is imperative that CVs be adapted to every potential job prospect. A CV has to be perfect because an employer will only give it a few minutes. It is a good idea to get help preparing it if a newcomer wants to have a good shot at landing an initial interview.

As previously indicated, Canada welcomes countless immigrants. However, newcomers must be prepared to adapt to their new Anglophone professional environment. In order to deal with what can often be a destabilizing culture shock, they have to set short, medium and long-term goals.

An example of a Canadian chronological CV

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