Training &Job-coaching

The primary goal of mentor and mentee preparation is to clarify participants’ understanding of the characteristics of this coaching mode, which is quite different from other approaches such as tutoring, coaching or counseling. We offer a range of workshops with diverse themes for Mentors and/or Mentees:

  • The specificities of Canadian culture at work and on the market place
  • Intercultural competencies
  • Transferable competencies
  • Mentor’s role
  • Stress, anxiety and how to increase self-confidence at work.
  • Communicate effectively
  • Innovation
  • Cultural shock of immigrants
  • Develop your professional network
    (for information purposes only, subject to change without notice)


  • Follow-up of new hires by in-house Mentor,
  • Training for mentors and mentees,
  • In-house visits and mentee follow-up.

In-house visits and mentee follow-up.

This program is funded by the federal government, don’t miss it, apply now!

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