Project overview

Facilitate the integration of French/English speaking bilingual immigrants in the Ontario workplace. Apply to our Structured Mentoring program;

1/ Training and job-coaching for highly qualified French/English bilingual newcomers,

2/ $ 7840 salary subsidy for each recruited candidate participating in
the program,

3/ Follow-up of new hires 2 hours per week by a in-house Mentor during the first 16 weeks of their employment contract.

Ottawa Headquarters
214 Montreal Rd, Ottawa, Ontario K1L 8L8
613 590-2493 - Toll Free : 1 844 668-7333
Toronto office
2 Carlton Street, 1305-1307, Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3
416 596-0220 Toll Free: 1 844 668-7333
Sudbury office
10 Elm Street, 604, Sudbury, Ontario P3C 1S8
Toll Free: 1 844 668-7333
La SÉO est financée par le gouvernement du Canada par le biais du Fonds d’habilitation pour les communautés minoritaires de langue officielle