Société Économique de l’Ontario | Tourism, acknowledged expertise!

At the SÉO, we are THE experts in the development of products and services for Francophone and francophile tourist markets in Canada and abroad.

We work with private-sector businesses, territorial communities and municipalities in Ontario to help them enhance their appeal and be more effective in those markets.

Francophone-bilingual tourism in Ontario

Domestic and international Francophone tourist markets represent more than 200 million tourists for Ontario. There are thousands of them right next door, in the United States. The province’s potential for hosting Francophone and francophile visitors is quite outstanding.

In 2009, and again in 2016, as part of the Tourism Action Plan (action no. 8), Francophone tourism was one of the priorities in Ontario’s tourism development strategy.

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La SÉO est financée par le gouvernement du Canada par le biais du Fonds d’habilitation pour les communautés minoritaires de langue officielle